What is QUORA and is it worth using?

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Quora is the new internet celebrity that people are all set to follow. It is the latest knowledge indexing platform for anyone who has a question to ask. With an impressive launch, Quora is all set to compete against other Q&A sites currently operating on the web. The idea of such a social networking site […]

Where to Start With Social Media: how to create an effective social media strategy


How to create an effective social media strategy This year, Facebook commanded an active audience of 600 million users. In the United States this accounts for one in every four people, in the UK 23% of people use Facebook and 1 in 13 globally access this social networking tool. Business growth is increasingly tied to […]

Ideas for Learning and Creativity #4


Creativity and Innovation This fifth post looks at ways in which students and teachers can improve the way they express ideas and communicate their understanding of key issues. I have also mentioned how cross-pollination into different spheres can help improve our practice as teachers – if you find this topic of particular interest please visit […]

Learning whilst Immersed in Web 2.0 Part 1

When the dot-com bubble burst in 2001 many regarded the World Wide Web as defunked and on its way out. Others disagreed and saw changes of the Web as a significant turning-point . These individuals argued that there had been bubbles and consequent shakeouts in many other technological revolutions throughout history. Tim O’Reilley from O’Reilly […]