Local Power: How Facebook and Twitter can Help Attract Local Customers to Your Business Event


You’ve now probably amassed sufficient ideas and information about how to identify and talk to your audience and if you read last week’s post then you are also familiar with how to set up your first Social Media Plan. It’s therefore time to discover how to feel their pulse and respond accordingly. Geography can and will be necessary to take into […]

Boost Your “Klout Score” and Gain New Followers on Twitter

Creating a social media strategy may not be necessary for everyone particularly if you are not a business. However, organising your online presence to save time or calculating your Social Media influence may be of interest to you. There are statistical tools available which provide details about the impact you have made using social media. One such measurement […]

5 Ideas for Executing a Rockstar Social Media Plan


[This article was first published on Social Media Today on April 7 2011 ] You have a great product or service and you want to share it with the world. Social media can help you do that. There are communities already living online that need what you have to offer. The trick is to find them and […]

Automate your Social Media Marketing Efforts

automate your social media campaign

So you’ve got all of your social media networking accounts set up, now what? Once the social media account creation tasks are complete, the next stage involves growth, building and interaction. To give you some assistance in determining what tools and strategies you could be implementing to build your customer base, your social media growth […]

Tools for Listening to Help Your Social Media Strategy and Build Your Brand


Social Media tools are great for sharing your ideas, thoughts and company products but we tend to forget that ‘speaking’ will only truly work if we also ‘listen’. One of the most important and crucial aspects of ensuring that your social media efforts work is ‘listening’. Discovering what your customers are saying about you, what […]