Improve Your Email Productivity


With the onslaught of new and emerging social networking tools such as Google+, we now we have bigger social circles and more friends, connections, followers and so on. This means we are communicating with newer tools other than email. Our  frustration with email has therefore increased significantly. When was the last time you checked your […]

Will Google Plus Destroy TwitFace?

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With Google+ out soon, all I am left to say is “is this the Facebook Killer“? It was just a few years ago that Facebook made its début and took over the social communities around the world with a storm. It became a social phenomenon and the competition among the social networks got fierce. Although […]

Where to Start With Social Media: how to create an effective social media strategy


How to create an effective social media strategy This year, Facebook commanded an active audience of 600 million users. In the United States this accounts for one in every four people, in the UK 23% of people use Facebook and 1 in 13 globally access this social networking tool. Business growth is increasingly tied to […]

Boost Your “Klout Score” and Gain New Followers on Twitter

Creating a social media strategy may not be necessary for everyone particularly if you are not a business. However, organising your online presence to save time or calculating your Social Media influence may be of interest to you. There are statistical tools available which provide details about the impact you have made using social media. One such measurement […]