Follow Me. Learn from Me. Buy from Me.


Reach a wider audience by listening and sharing ideas It is not really known who said it first, but that ‘we always teach what we need to learn most’ adage has some merit. In the Social Media Marketing (SMM) realm, this means that becoming the thought makers and leaders in your given industry is a […]

Boost Your “Klout Score” and Gain New Followers on Twitter

Creating a social media strategy may not be necessary for everyone particularly if you are not a business. However, organising your online presence to save time or calculating your Social Media influence may be of interest to you. There are statistical tools available which provide details about the impact you have made using social media. One such measurement […]

Do You Have a Social Media Newsroom?


How to organize your online presence with an effective Social Media strategy Once you have defined your goals for using social media you can begin by determining what your strategy should look like. If you think of your online social media strategy as an actual place, what would you want to have in it? What […]

Tools for Listening to Help Your Social Media Strategy and Build Your Brand


Social Media tools are great for sharing your ideas, thoughts and company products but we tend to forget that ‘speaking’ will only truly work if we also ‘listen’. One of the most important and crucial aspects of ensuring that your social media efforts work is ‘listening’. Discovering what your customers are saying about you, what […]