Increase Social Media Engagement with QR Codes

QR Code Social Media

Social media has become an important presence in today’s society and it is one of the most powerful communication tools available out there. Staying connected, exchanging data, and receiving real-time information are all important aspects inof our lives. The purpose of social media is to facilitate this constant exchange of information and to help people […]

Are and still useful tools?

Internet is one commodity that has become essential for a lot of different reasons. Now your online presence is just as important as your resume or your QR Code business card. Today, with so many online tools available, there is a whole new race going on where just having an online presence on Twitter or […]

What is QUORA and is it worth using?

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Quora is the new internet celebrity that people are all set to follow. It is the latest knowledge indexing platform for anyone who has a question to ask. With an impressive launch, Quora is all set to compete against other Q&A sites currently operating on the web. The idea of such a social networking site […]