Increase Social Media Engagement with QR Codes

QR Code Social Media

Social media has become an important presence in today’s society and it is one of the most powerful communication tools available out there. Staying connected, exchanging data, and receiving real-time information are all important aspects inof our lives. The purpose of social media is to facilitate this constant exchange of information and to help people […]

Will Google Plus Destroy TwitFace?

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With Google+ out soon, all I am left to say is “is this the Facebook Killer“? It was just a few years ago that Facebook made its début and took over the social communities around the world with a storm. It became a social phenomenon and the competition among the social networks got fierce. Although […]

Where to Start With Social Media: how to create an effective social media strategy


How to create an effective social media strategy This year, Facebook commanded an active audience of 600 million users. In the United States this accounts for one in every four people, in the UK 23% of people use Facebook and 1 in 13 globally access this social networking tool. Business growth is increasingly tied to […]

Local Power: How Facebook and Twitter can Help Attract Local Customers to Your Business Event


You’ve now probably amassed sufficient ideas and information about how to identify and talk to your audience and if you read last week’s post then you are also familiar with how to set up your first Social Media Plan. It’s therefore time to discover how to feel their pulse and respond accordingly. Geography can and will be necessary to take into […]