Google Apps Education Certification

Google Apps Education Qualified Individual

Phew, after six exams I passed the Google Apps Education Individual Qualification (IQ) today. I now look forward to continue providing training to schools and individuals in using the Google Apps suite. If you would like to receive training please contact me and we’ll discuss your requirements and ideas. Don’t forget to explore my series […]

Thinking Skills and Eye-Q: Fantastic read!

Ian Harris, Oliver Caviglioli, and Carol Thompson Thinking Skills and Eye Q: Visual Tools for Raising Intelligence is perhaps one of the best books available on mind-mapping and Thinking Skills diagrams. Many of the ideas you’ll come across on this website has been inspired from Thinking Skills and Eye-Q. I first came across this book […]

The Big Idea: Make it sticky!

Extract from Exam Class Toolkit – how to create engaging lessons that ensure progression and results (Watkin & Ahrenfelt) Sticky = understandable, memorable and effective in changing thought or behaviour. Two big questions needs to be addressed by teachers each lesson: What’s the point of the lesson? Why should it matter – will it matter […]