Books that Make You Think part 1: motivation, crowd-sourcing and organisation

Make Ideas Happen Have you ever wondered why some ideas work where others fail; or why some individuals whom in your mind lack creative flare succeed where other creative geniuses do not? Scott Belsky, founder of The Behance Network and The 99% think-tank, argues that in order for our ideas to be productive and long-lasting […]

Ideas for Learning and Creativity #4


Creativity and Innovation This fifth post looks at ways in which students and teachers can improve the way they express ideas and communicate their understanding of key issues. I have also mentioned how cross-pollination into different spheres can help improve our practice as teachers – if you find this topic of particular interest please visit […]

Ideas for Learning and Creativity #3

This third post on Ideas for Learning and Creativity explores ways in which both teachers and students can communicate in a range of different ways; from public speaking, writing, composing or using technology to make an impact on their audiences. This post contains more video clips than other post in this series (see #1 and […]