Are and still useful tools?

Internet is one commodity that has become essential for a lot of different reasons. Now your online presence is just as important as your resume or your QR Code business card. Today, with so many online tools available, there is a whole new race going on where just having an online presence on Twitter or […]

Improve Your Email Productivity


With the onslaught of new and emerging social networking tools such as Google+, we now we have bigger social circles and more friends, connections, followers and so on. This means we are communicating with newer tools other than email. Our  frustration with email has therefore increased significantly. When was the last time you checked your […]

Automate your Social Media Marketing Efforts

automate your social media campaign

So you’ve got all of your social media networking accounts set up, now what? Once the social media account creation tasks are complete, the next stage involves growth, building and interaction. To give you some assistance in determining what tools and strategies you could be implementing to build your customer base, your social media growth […]