Great videos about innovation and creativity: Part 1

Here follows a selection of videos I found particularly interesting dealing with ideas, innovation, creativity and the learning process. Google: Creativity Loves Constraint Google: The Founding of Google Google: Google Culture: Encouraging Innovation Google: Give Ideas Credit, Not Credit for Ideas Google: Encouraging Creativity Google+

Inspirational books that have changed the way I think…

My wife always gets annoyed with the amount of books I buy. When I started teaching about eight years ago my reading quickly diminished as guilt came upon me every time I picked up a good piece of fiction – ‘I could be doing some work!’. Eventually I realised that reading non-fiction both stimulated my […]

Great books on flash game developing

Recent books added to ‘Great Books’ section of Gary Rosenzweig If you have basic knowledge of Adobe Flash but do not have time to master the more complex elements of the software and still want to learn how to create great games then this book really does the job well. Gary Rosenzweig’s book is […]

Just great books

Great Books Teaching should be about exploration, implementation and reflection. It is when these aspects blend together that the teacher has the opportunity to experience real progression. Let us not forget why we, the educators, are here and what the purpose of teaching actually is: to train a new generation of children and young adults […]

Presentation Zen – best book out now!

Garr Reynolds Reynolds book is, to put it simply, outstanding. There are several books that discuss the issues of presenting information in various ways, some of which do an excellent job for example Cliff Atkinson’s Beyond Bullet Points, but Presentation Zen takes the reader to another level when it comes to understanding the nature of […]