Books that Make You Think part 1: motivation, crowd-sourcing and organisation

Make Ideas Happen Have you ever wondered why some ideas work where others fail; or why some individuals whom in your mind lack creative flare succeed where other creative geniuses do not? Scott Belsky, founder of The Behance Network and The 99% think-tank, argues that in order for our ideas to be productive and long-lasting […]

Daniel Pink’s recommendations for 2010:

I attended, or in fact listened to, Daniel Pink on January 1st 2010 talking about what he will read and the trends he will be investigating this year. 1. The video with the two questions is now the first post on the Pink Blog ( 2. The 10 publications, books, and blogs I mentioned are: […]

Thinking Skills and Eye-Q: Fantastic read!

Ian Harris, Oliver Caviglioli, and Carol Thompson Thinking Skills and Eye Q: Visual Tools for Raising Intelligence is perhaps one of the best books available on mind-mapping and Thinking Skills diagrams. Many of the ideas you’ll come across on this website has been inspired from Thinking Skills and Eye-Q. I first came across this book […]