Got our country back, though.

My wife received this post on Facebook via a friend. The article was by a ‘Dan Thompson’. Apologies Dan, I don’t use FB and I’m not quite sure how to add you as a source, but here’s what you said: So. To summarise: The pound hits a 31 year low £180bn has been wiped off […]

5 Essential Apps for Online Distance Learning


Distance education programs serve as affordable career stepping stones that help professionals advance to the next level. Higher education can even improve job prospects, Peter DeWitt notes in Education Week. For example, opens doors “for anyone looking to build a better future with affordable, quality, debt-free education.” Maximize an online education experience with academic […]

Choosing Your Students

Each year a full-time teacher receives in the region of 250-300 students who they will deliver quality learning and teaching. As teaching professionals we don’t get to choose our students, of course not, our middle leaders and the Assistant Head in charge of time-tabling will organise what classes we teach. But, can we in fact […]

Bridging the Gap using Social Media


A new generation of learners is emerging. These students are equipped with complex skills and have expectations that can sometimes be challenging to match. I recently did a talk where I explored how Social Media can help schools bridge the gap between students’ expectations and the reality of 21st Century eduction. I also examined how […]

Google Apps Education Certification

Google Apps Education Qualified Individual

Phew, after six exams I passed the Google Apps Education Individual Qualification (IQ) today. I now look forward to continue providing training to schools and individuals in using the Google Apps suite. If you would like to receive training please contact me and we’ll discuss your requirements and ideas. Don’t forget to explore my series […]