Got our country back, though.

My wife received this post on Facebook via a friend. The article was by a ‘Dan Thompson’. Apologies Dan, I don’t use FB and I’m not quite sure how to add you as a source, but here’s what you said:

So. To summarise:
  • The pound hits a 31 year low
  • £180bn has been wiped off the FTSE.
  • The two together mean we are no longer the world’s 5th largest economy. We just fell behind France.
  • Housebuilding firms lost 40% of their value this morning. Homes will lose £20,000 of their value by the end of the year.
  • Bank shares are down 30%. We still own chunks of them. Morgan Stanley are preparing to move 2000 jobs out of the city.
  • The cap on energy company prices has been cancelled. We import electricity through undersea cables from France and the Netherlands and gas from Norway. Prices are rising.
  • Small businesses are getting notices from overseas suppliers, cancelling quotes and putting trade on hold.
  • Posts from various friends around the UK say projects are being cancelled, and EU funding pulled.
  • Cornwall – which voted to leave – is demanding that the UK match the £60m a year the EU used to give them.
  • Standard & Poor are reviewing our country’s AAA credit rating as they think we’re going back into recession.
  • Gibraltar voted Remain. Spain wants joint control.
  • Scotland is moving towards a second referendum and independence. Northern Ireland is moving towards unification. London is talking about city state status. The United Kingdom is almost certainly breaking up.
  • Cameron has quit. He hasn’t invoked Article 50. Johnson is saying he can’t see any reason to invoke it. The other EU countries are saying we can’t delay that move.
  • The Leave campaign have backtracked on their ‘more money for the NHS’ promise and on capping immigration.
Got our country back, though.