Top 5 Energy Saving Apps

If you are looking for a way to save energy, there’s an app for that! Actually there are dozens, if not hundreds, of green apps on the market that promise to help you slash your energy bill. But they are not all created equal. Check out these five top-rated apps that will help you cut back on energy consumption and save money.

1. Green Outlet

Ever wondered how much energy your appliances actually use? With Green Outlet you can select the type of appliances you have and enter how many hours a day they are used. The app will then calculate how much it costs to run each appliance, and estimate the total monthly costs on your energy bill. This information can help you make informed decisions when it comes to your energy use. Green Outlet also calculates your carbon footprint and alerts you when you have surpassed the U.S. government guidelines.

The app even links to a site that sells carbon offsets, so you can eliminate your household’s carbon footprint. An alternative to offsetting carbon emissions is to purchase renewable energy from suppliers at


2. Kill-Ur-Watts

It’s no secret the amount of energy you use is directly tied to the amount of money you have to pay for your energy bill each month. As summer is approaching, it’s a great time to look for ways to cut down on energy consumption. Kill-Ur-Watts can help. This free app was developed for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy Challenge in 2012. It can help you track your energy use, create customizable graphs, view your carbon footprint and develop strategies to reduce energy use.

3. GasBuddy

Over the past decade, fuel costs have risen dramatically, making gassing up your car expensive. Even a gasoline price that’s just a penny lower could save you a substantial amount at the pump. While the best way to cut back on your vehicle’s energy use and expense is to give up the car, for some that’s not an option. If you can’t go without your car, there’s an app to help you save on fuel costs. GasBuddy tracks the cheapest gas prices in your area to help you save money at the pump. When you find a cheap fuel price, report it to the app to earn points and help others save too. GasBuddy even offers the chance to win $250 each week!


4. GreenMeter

Finding cheaper gas is just the first part of saving money on fuel costs. In addition, you need to discover how to use your gasoline efficiently to make it last longer. In turn, fuel efficiency converts to cost savings and a lower carbon footprint. GreenMeter evaluates your driving and gives instant feedback on your efficiency. It provides information on how to reduce fuel consumption and limit your environmental impact based on the real time data collected as you drive.

5. CodeGreen Energy

If you’re on the market for a new home, apartment or office building, CodeGreen Energy might be the perfect tool to add to the search. CodeGreen Energy allows you to view the ENERGY STAR score of thousands of buildings. The energy efficiency of a building is directly tied to the amount it will cost each month in energy bills, so finding a location that’s highly efficient could result in lower bills! With this app, you can easily search and compare buildings across the United States to find the perfect place for you and your budget.