Increase Social Media Engagement with QR Codes

Social media has become an important presence in today’s society and it is one of the most powerful communication tools available out there. Staying connected, exchanging data, and receiving real-time information are all important aspects inof our lives.

The purpose of social media is to facilitate this constant exchange of information and to help people stay in touch with each other. Since most tech-oriented users currently own a smartphones (see these smartphone statistics) and the majority of these phones have NFC chips built-in or can access QR Code software, all that is needed for these marketing tools to really take off is a well-thought social media campaign since the necessary communication channels are already there.


The need for companies to come up with mobile-oriented campaigns couldn’t be more evident. But the good news is that QR codes and NFC tags are fairly easy to use concepts – the pedagogy behind these technologies are not difficult. However, these tools can be even more efficient when they are used in association with other social media tools. For example, using QR codes to link to popular social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, will greatly increase the appeal of any marketing campaign. Why – because QR Codes acts as a direct channel to its audience and can therefore provide targeted information. However, for a campaign to be successful, it has to bring clear value and purpose to its target audience.

The major benefits of social media are that the information provided is easy to update at any moment, and from virtually anywhere, it is a cost-effective strategy, and last but not least, it manages to attract a large number of people.


Although both QR codes and NFC have been around for quite a while, these social media tools certainly have a lot more potential left in them. With more and more people owning smartphones, the future for social media and QR Codes looks brighter than ever. Using QR codes or NFC to help people stay connected with brands is a simple way to increase your social media engagement.