How to Brand Yourself with QR Code Marketing and Facebook

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is very critical in today’s growing social market. You have to give yourself an image that can go on to represent you as a brand. If you do not already know, personal branding means the way others think of you. If you think of this in broader sense, you can think of it as marketing yourself like if you use QR Code marketing to lead people to your Social Media profile(s).

Many people think that personal branding is out of one’s own control and one should stop doing efforts to take control over it. However, with the presence of social media, it is not difficult to portray an image that you want or maybe, your business requires. You can easily control some of the factors that lead to personal branding. Controlling these factors means playing around with personal branding. If you do it right, you can achieve great things.

Remember, you cannot avoid personal branding in today’s social world. Even when you are blogging and updating your activities on social networks, you are branding yourself at the same time. Think of it in wider sense, think of yourself as a product and you will understand the concept of personal branding.

What you need to do is to understand the factors that lead to personal branding. These factors include all sorts of communication and interaction with others including email exchanges, social media updates, telephonic conversation, blogs and even everyday conversation with friends and family members. Think of it as the perception that people get when they interact or communicate with you or you communicate with them.

Personal branding can be categorized into internal brand and external brand. The external brand would be precisely what we have talked so far. Whereas, the internal brand is what you think about yourself. Generally, internal brand does not coincide perfectly with the external brand. This is normal and you should not worry about that.

How can QR Codes and Facebook be used as a personal branding tool?

If you are looking to promote your personal brand, then you do not need to worry about finding useful tools. There more tools than ever and you can use most of them without having to pay. However, in this cloud of tools, it becomes a little ambiguous which tools to use and which ones to avoid. Sometimes paying a small sum can really make the difference between free with no support v a few ££ for dedicated support.

When it comes to Facebook, one of the leading social networks of this decade, you do not need to think twice. If you want to read about effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing tool. Facebook can also be used as a personal branding tool. All you have to do is to see how the other executives are using it for personal branding. You can then pick the right strategies and can create one for your business. A quick way to really drive traffic and interested employers and prospect to your social media profile is to focus on how you can promote yourself using QR Code marketing as a combination with Social Media to boost your social presence.

The major reason to use Facebook as your personal branding tool is number of users that it has. Moreover, these users are not just kids anymore with 40% users above the age of 35. When you are using Facebook for personal branding, you have to make sure that you have developed a sound strategy. The problem with such a huge user base is that a single mistake can ruin all your efforts. Therefore, you have to be careful with your strategy and have double check and test it before implementing it.

QR Code marketing will help you gain a clearer idea how people interact with you as a brand as well. Use a decent QR Code management service so you can track and change the content people see when they scan. This control of the QR Code is essential so you can engage the person, employer or colleague by sharing different information at different times. Pointing them to your LinkedIn profile on Mondays and Facebook page on Fridays ensurs you are always in control of what they see and when. Facebook is great as long as you use it with the view to share it as a professional tool, not a social one.

You can use Facebook to promote relevant data, positive traits of your personality, opine on contemporary events and talk about latest happenings relevant to your business. However, you should not be revealing things that you would not reveal in a management meeting of your company. Similarly, you should not promote anything that can potentially go against the positive image of your company. Above all these, you have to care about the community and should contribute to it positively.

If you can follow these simple rules, you will find using QR Codes marketing with your social media profiles like Facebook, will help you in promoting yourself quickly, effectively and in a good light.