Are and still useful tools?

Internet is one commodity that has become essential for a lot of different reasons. Now your online presence is just as important as your resume or your QR Code business card. Today, with so many online tools available, there is a whole new race going on where just having an online presence on Twitter or Facebook just is not enough, particularly if you are looking for work. Do you really want your future employer to find you on FB or Twitter before that all important decision – getting an interview? That is where services like and come in handy. They are both similar services for users to beautify and personalize their online content and information but what features do they offer? They have been around for awhile but still offer the non-technical user with a great tool and opportunity to build a content rich page which can be used to promote themselves. But, what makes them worth the trouble? And which one takes the lead? Let`s have a look at both of them.

[adsenseyu1] launched in January of 2009 and  offers you an ideal platform for creating a personalized homepage for yourself. It is a simple and beautiful aggregator that helps you build your own personal space by extracting content from other web service like Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo,, Facebook, Goodreads, and Netflix etc. You can quickly create a beautiful life-stream in only a few minutes. gives you options to ork through like personal/biographical info, layout, put a picture for your background if you want, chose or make your own color palette, pick up a font of your choice, size it according to your personal taste and select the social networking sites that you wish to integrate with your is a similar service that was launched in the December of 2009. And only four days after its public launch AOL acquired its services – always handy for any start-up.  According to sources, nearly 5000 users are joining them daily.

Services like and are an excellent opportunity for individuals, companies and students to launch themselves on the web. Now you do not need to take the headache of making your own website and then creating all the content, instead hire the services of or and they will do it for you. It is equally useful for individuals who wish to create celebrity fan pages, commercial promotion, and brand marketing etc for free or as little as $20 a year for additional options and features.


Now comes the ultimate question, which of the two services should you go for? Although the war of words that has been going on between the creators of both these websites have been making headline, but as both of these services do have their independent pros and cons, the choice in the end is yours. is a free service compared to for which you have to pay for additional features. Also is more about personal branding i.e. it is like building your own online business card. Once you set up an account with, it helps you in keeping track of who visit your profile, where they come from and their behavior whilst perusing your profile page. offers premium features far superior to that is offering at the moment. Users get a whole variety of layouts, fonts and integration with a lot more social websites than its competitor, where profile building features are far too basic in comparison. offers more benefits from SEO perspective as well i.e. it provides custom domain names and Custom Meta Data that does not.

In the end, I guess it is just a matter of personal preference. You can set up an account with each of these services and decide for yourself which one fits you better. They are both pretty cool.


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