What is QUORA and is it worth using?

Quora is the new internet celebrity that people are all set to follow. It is the latest knowledge indexing platform for anyone who has a question to ask. With an impressive launch, Quora is all set to compete against other Q&A sites currently operating on the web. The idea of such a social networking site is not new, however the hint of innovation, the idea of using collaborative public effort as a knowledge tool and the initial popularity it has gained so far suggests Quora has the potential to set its mark.

Quora was built by two former Facebook employees and was publically launched in June 2010. The idea that led to the development of this latest social buzz was to create a platform where questions can be asked, answered, edited and organized by its very members i.e. you. Quora is aimed at becoming an online database where anything anyone wants to know can be found, although the credibility of such information, which is open to absolutely anyone, is debatable. Information on such a site can be rendered “negotiable” if it comes from a common user and “knowledgeable” if expressed by an expert on the matter. But nevertheless, Quora does promote the collaborative aspect of knowledge-sharing, where people come together to solve queries and learn more about stuff which otherwise cannot be found on the internet. Information shared on Quora is also rated by its users, indicating its usefulness, which eventually bring useful posts to the top of the page which helps in improving the quality of the information shared. Also at Quora, connecting with other people is just as easy as on any other social website.

Examples of How Individuals and Companies are Using QUORA

Quora can be quite useful for companies and individuals who wish to reach out to people, share their opinion or help create awareness. For example, someone posted the question:

Are QR codes here to stay or just an unsuccessful gimmick?

As a QR Code enthusiast (!) I posted my response about using Dynamic QR Codes to engage people in your message/product/service and so on. Social networking sites like Quora where people from all backgrounds have a say, can prove its productivity in the most unique ways. Whether it is individuals raising their voice for a cause or sharing their expert advice on matters regarding their professional fields; it bores out results.

A recent article in Federal Computer Week explained how Eric Cantor, a staff member for GOP House Majority Leader, made use of Quora to get public feedback on the idea of using social platforms for legislation. It is one smart way to see how general public thinks. Similarly companies such as O2 can also make use of such social websites to achieve their marketing objectives and publicity goals. Online presence is essential for a company to reach out to target audience. Customers on the other hand also have many queries regarding products. Social platforms like Quora can help such companies give positive response to questions posed about their products and help promote their products or services in a better ways; SimpleBank for example is using Quora to find out what people have to say about the current banking system in US and how it can be made better; or discover more about a particular technology, for example Dynamic QR Codes, before investing.

Measure of Impact

Quora has captured an audience and it has made a nice start. People are likely to interact on such platform because this way they get to express their opinion. And for the time being companies and individuals who wish to make it big on the internet will find Quora very charming for the purpose. However it is too early to say anything about Quora, time will tell if this latest social website will make it big itself or not. At this moment Quora is expanding rapidly and is one of the most talked about social platforms. Some hail the idea on which Quora works where as others have raised concerns and argued about the authenticity of information being shared on it. More and more users on the website mean more information sharing, while at the same time relying on users to provide all the answers can be a recipe for disaster. Quora has the potential to impact government market place, online businesses and individuals, but the magnitude of this impact is yet to be determined. So stay tuned!