SQUARE:CODE – Dynamic QR Codes that you schedule in advance

QR Codes are all the rage now particularly as more than 50% of UK adults own a smart phone and 65% of people have seen QR Codes . There is a crucial difference in the types of Codes that are available and those being used by the private as well as the public sector. The vast majority of both mentioned sectors currently use static QR Codes, these are those you can create by yourself using freely available QR Code generators. These static Codes will only display one website or one message on the users’ mobile phone. By contrast, Dynamic QR Codes give the business or professional the possibility of controlling the information broadcasted via the Code by updating it using an online service. This means that the consumer, reader, student or whoever scans the image can receive new content such as video clips, MP3 files, text messages and links to specific websites each time they scan the SAME QR Code. Dynamic QR Codes are therefore much more versatile and powerful for business and public sector than the static equivalent. Using this innovative technology will really give the public sector the possibility of sharing digital information via the traditional printed media. This post will showcase one service that provides the possibility of controlling QR Codes, namely SQUARE:CODE.


How does SQUARE:CODE Work?

Schedule, Control and Monitor Your Dynamic QR Codes

SQUARE:CODE offers an online service that enhances the Customer’s experience of products and printed literature with targeted, up-to-date, dynamic and engaging content. The Business broadcasts information such as web links and messages to the Customer via SQUARE:CODES which they scan with their mobile phones. The Business controls exactly what readers see and when they see it via their online dashboard, The SQUARE:CODE Exchange.


Features include:

  • quickly compare return on investment for different products/campaigns with advanced analytics e.g. chart showing scans for all ¼ page ads, colour, daily newspapers.
  • schedule updates in advance, so your customers get the right information at the right time. New information each time the consumer scans the SQUARE:CODE.
  • sophisticated tagging system to organise SQUARE:CODEs with products and services.
  • ability to adapt campaigns/articles after they have been has been distributed and published.
  • respond interactively to customers’ interests as campaigns or products develop, by monitoring how many people have scanned each code.

SQUARE:CODE’s Facebook page is currently offering promotional discounts and trial accounts to their Dynamic QR Code service. Truly an exciting service, well I should say that as I helped create SQUARE:CODE : ) . It’s not often I post blatant plugs but I did today… Please forgive me….