Will Google Plus Destroy TwitFace?

With Google+ out soon, all I am left to say is “is this the Facebook Killer“? It was just a few years ago that Facebook made its début and took over the social communities around the world with a storm. It became a social phenomenon and the competition among the social networks got fierce. Although Facebook has been at the top its game for quite some time now, the prophecies have been whispering about the next big thing. Have they come true lately with Google+ and is it “hulk” enough to fight the battle with the current social networking Gods like Facebook or Twitter? Time will tell. However, there is something about this new social networking tool, especially the features and the creativity it has brought to table that tells us it has the potential to sweep some of its major contenders clean.

Google+ Easier than Facebook?

Google+ is your new friend. It is the latest social networking site for users around the world to get connected. The idea behind the website is to improve sharing and the features it is offering are pretty tidy compared to what Facebook has to offer at the moment. Sharing does look easy: features like Circles, Hangouts and Sparks are some of the major attractions for users right now.


Allows you to share stuff on the web with appropriate audiences. Now you can choose which content you wish to share with which contacts. Very clever. You add friends to your circles and start sharing.


This is the video chatting feature of the tool and you can easily see who is online so you can drop-in for a quick video-chat.


If you wish to be fed the stuff you are into and things that excite you, then Sparks does one hell of a job. It actually saved information such as articles, videos and so on that it thinks you would appreciate to use later on.

There are other features like 1+ button which is similar to that of a “like” on Facebook. With a Google+ account users also tend to enjoy unlimited photo storage on Picasa. “About” section is much more colourful and rich compared to what other social platforms offer. You can experience many other features which are new to social networking sites once you join Google+. It is worth an experience.

Google+, the Next Big Thing?

Now the question which probably seems to be rising in almost everyone`s mind is whether this social networking tool is the next big thing or not? Anyone ever used Wave or Buzz? Is Google+ just another temporary flick that will sink to the bottom, sooner or later? Or does it have what it takes to make the mark and take over the web like Facebook and Twitter did? Consider the power of Facebook and Twitter for promoting products and event? The major competition that Google+ has at the moment is these two very big social networking websites. Some social networking analysts suggest it could muscle out both, while others think it will not.

Google has some major advantages over its competitors though features like Circles, although some of these are not essentially new. But, the company has smartly put these features upfront, that is all. Facebook has the same feature (“friend lists”) but it has been in the dark for so long that people don’t even realize it even exists anymore. Similarly the chat feature, Hangout,  is clearly more interesting on Google+ where you get to have a video chat with friends and then there is your Gtalk which exists in Gmail and shows up the same in Google+. Facebook’s chat option and Twitter`s Direct messages (DMs) and @mentions now feels a little too basic compared to what Google+ offers. There also issues like privacy concerns and mobile apps where Google is likely to get more votes from as well. So will Google muscle out Facebook and Twitter? We think it is a little too early to say that. Facebook and Twitter are way too big for that at the moment and millions of users are signed up on these websites and use them daily, particularly as there are means to automate parts of these social media tools. So until most of our contacts move to Google+, Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. It is possible that Google will prove to be an addition to the number of social platforms we have at the moment, because it is definitely going to be interesting to Hangout on Google+!

Google+ is armed with the latest features and is here to stay. It has creativity, innovation and offers easy-to-use features, which is a perfect recipe to win users. Sharing has become much easier as well and the rest of the features are just icing on the cake. Whether or not it will be successful enough to overcome its competitors is impossible to say right now, but what we do know for sure is that it is going to be a nice addition to the existing social networking sites. People are likely to get attracted to its rich and cool social interaction tools. Experience Google+ yourself and decide.