Bridging the Gap using Social Media

A new generation of learners is emerging. These students are equipped with complex skills and have expectations that can sometimes be challenging to match. I recently did a talk where I explored how Social Media can help schools bridge the gap between students’ expectations and the reality of 21st Century eduction. I also examined how new technologies like Augmented Reality and QR-Codes can help connect the real world with the virtual world and provide opportunity to engage this new generation of students and perhaps provide at least a move towards immersive learning.

These are some of the resources that were showcased:

Social Networking/Social Media Tools for Learning

Create a Facebook Page for Education

Other tools for Learning

PollEveryWhere – student response system for schools (free option!)

Zooburst – digital story-telling with an Augmented Reality twist.

Examples of Using Facebook in the Classroom

Post from Lisa Velmer Nielsen (on the Innovative Educator)

Comprehensive Primary school examples of using Facebook in class (Prezi presentation)

Luss Primary Facebook Page – superb example of using Facebook pages for your school. Simple and effective.

If you are tired of hearing the end of the book is nigh take a look at IDEO’s vision of the Future of the Book, another possibility for immersive learning?

It is crucial that teachers and educators give students the right skills to be able to use these new online tools. They are already using them at home, why not make use of them in the classroom?