Daniel Pink’s recommendations for 2010:

I attended, or in fact listened to, Daniel Pink on January 1st 2010
talking about what he will read and the trends he will be
investigating this year.

1. The video with the two questions is now the first post on the Pink
Blog (http://www.danpink.com).

2. The 10 publications, books, and blogs I mentioned are:
– Springwise (http://www.springwise.com)
– The Week (http://www.theweek.com/home)
– NBER Digest (http://www.nber.org/digest/)
– Arts Journal (http://www.artsjournal.com/)
– New Scientist (www.newscientist.com/)
– Pop URLs (http://popurls.com/)
– Seth Godin blog (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/)
– Employee First book (http://bit.ly/5KF7F2)
– Different book (http://bit.ly/5bVAvd)
– The Thing (http://www.thethingquarterly.com/)

3. Links for the 5 trends are:
– Apps for everyone (http://www.mobileroadie.com/)
– Socrates meets statistics (http://www.quantifiedself.com/)
– The English Century (http://bit.ly/VINoU)
– Dysfunction is high function (http://bit.ly/3ymG1A)
– Obama is Reagan (sorry, no link)