Effective use of Social Media Part 1: Twitter in the classroom

It seems that many counties have opted to ban/block or discourage the use of Twitter, or any Social Media tool for that matter, as Twitter can leave students open to a range of different problems.  The interesting question is of course: Shouldn’t we use Twitter in the classroom so that students learn how to use it well and about potential issues with social media so they know what to do and what to look out for?

There are some teachers and educators that do use Twitter well to engage and challenge students to learn. I have compiled a brief list of websites and videos that I feel provide good examples of how Twitter could be used effectively, I’ve even thrown in a few ‘How to Guides” for good measure.  If you come across other useful links please comment below : ) .


K-3 Teacher Resources: a guide to using Twitter: This is a solid ‘How to’ guide for those of you new to Twitter. Excellent.

Teaching with Twitter: Steve Wheeler provides practical ideas that can be used instantly. I particularly like the idea of ‘Twitter Pals’, brilliant for MFL lessons.

Twitter at College: on encouraging two-way communication between lecturer and students.

Net Savoir: A guide to teaching with Twitter : fantastic ideas! Revision tool, why not?

25 Ways of Using Twitter in the Classroom: great list of practical ideas for use in your classroom by @tombarrett

Professors experiment with Twitter in classroom : on how  students have increased understanding of the potential of social media in education and business

Using Twitter to facilitate discussion: interesting post on group work and Twitter

Micro-blogging in education (BECTA March 2009) : brilliant and thorough article on micro-blooging by @NeilAdam



Teaching with Twitter from Chronicle.com

Twitter in Plain English

Twitter Search in Plain English